Action of lateral vs. medial Pterygoid muscle "mnemonic"

Action of lateral vs. medial Pterygoid muscle "mnemonic"

at May 04, 2018
Look at how your jaw ends up when saying first syllable of 'Lateral' or 'Medial' :

  1. -"La": your jaw is now open, so Lateral opens mouth.
  2. -"Me": your jaw is still closed, so medial closes the mandible.

medial pterygoid muscle
Origin : deep head: medial side of lateral pterygoid plate behind the upper teeth
superficial head: pyramidal process of palatine bone and maxillary tuberosity
Insertion : medial angle of the mandible
Actions : elevates mandible, closes jaw, helps lateral pterygoids in moving the jaw from side to side

Lateral pterygoid muscle
Origin :  Great wing of sphenoid and pterygoid plate
Insertion : Condyle of mandible
Actions : depresses mandible, Protrude mandible, side to side movement of mandible

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